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Congratulations on participating in your Rewards program! Here are some FAQ's to help you understand how the program works.
  1. What is the Rewards Program? Your Rewards Program is a loyalty and rewards program that awards amount to participants for various activities. Amount can be redeemed at name-brand merchants participating in the program. Your rewards program is similar to most rewards and loyalty programs found in the consumer marketplace.
  2. How do I sign up? To participate in the Rewards program, an email address is required and must be given to your program representative. Once we have your email address, you will be sent an email with a link to set-up your account.
  3. How do I access my account? After you create your password, you can log into your account at the web address provided to you. Once logged in, you will be directed to your very own home page where you can see how many amount you've earned, get messages from your program representative and go shopping!
  4. How do I earn amount? Your program representative will communicate how you can earn amount in your program.
  5. How do I redeem my amount? You can redeem your amount on your personal home page. There are 3 easy steps: Select a merchant...Select the amount of amount you want to redeem...then select "Redeem Amount". You will receive a gift code in your email. Write down or copy the code and enter it into the "enter gift code" in the shopping cart at check out of the merchant you've selected. Please remember that most codes can only be used with on-line shopping.
  6. Do my amount expire? As long as you are a user with the program that has awarded you amount, your amount will expire on December 31st of the year following the year in which the amount were awarded. This allows you at least 12 months to redeem amount. If you decide to leave the program, you have 14 days to use your amount.
  7. Can I give my amount to someone else? Amount are only awarded to the person's name that registered their account. However, once you've redeemed your amount for a gift code, you can give the code to whomever you like.
  8. Where can I redeem my amount? Our national merchants offer millions of products and brands. You can shop on-line or in-store (if applicable). Please visit your home page for our current merchant list.
  9. Can I redeem my amount for gift cards? Gift codes can be used for any product the merchant offers.
  10. Who do I call with questions? Contact your program representative if you have questions regarding how you can earn amount. Contact Customer Service if you need help using the website. Contact the merchant where you are redeeming your amount if you have questions about products, shipping, gift codes, etc.
  11. How do I print my gift code? To print your digital gift certificate, select the 'Print' button or hold down the "Control Key (ctrl)" and the letter "P" on your keyboard at the same time.